Heather Woods Broderick – Glider

I know I don’t often write about the albums I post on here – this is more meant to be a music sharing platform than a blog for me – but I have to say something about Glider.

The first time I ever listened to it was about a month or so ago, driving up to the mountains just outside of Los Angeles on a particularly rainy day. The clouds were low and heavy with rain. I was taking some of the lesser used highways to get out there, wrapped in a scarf made for me by someone I care about deeply, with the windows down so I could feel the sting of the cold on my face.

It was so beautiful.

I feel like Glider perfectly suited that moment. It’s been on frequent rotation since. I’ve completely and utterly fallen in love with this gorgeous album. It’s kept me company on lonely nights and late drives, and been the background to many a crying session.

Heather Woods Broderick is an incredibly talented musician, and I feel that this album in particular really showcases how brilliant she is. I can’t find any faults with it.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


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